Schools Projects

Mosaic Art Ltd works with schools to create site-specific artwork, which is installed in the school grounds. Our projects provide a practical and collaborative approach to the national curriculum requirements and can be adapted to all levels and bring together different disciplines.

Participants learn about the materials, the making process, the basic skills and then work together to make their own designs come alive in mosaic.

The use of simple geometric building blocks has proved to be a valuable teaching tool, which helps to develop spatial awareness and manual dexterity. Children of all abilities and disabilities can excel and we have found that taking part is a rewarding experience for all involved. Groups develop a sense of unity as well as pride and ownership in the resulting artwork.

Please click on any of the school names (or the images on the left) to see how we work and the outcomes.

If you are considering a mosaic project, please have a look at setting up a project and before you call us. If you need to arrange funding maybe our funding list will be of help.